MY CHINA PLUS is the first Virtual Warehouse all-in-one to distribute on Chinese / Asian markets in an easy, effective and economical way in Shanghai New Free Trade Zone.

The solution, based on Food & Beverages distribution platforms activities and experience, is designed for manufacturers / distributors who wish to have direct support in their business operations, promotion and distribution also without the need for a corporate presence in China.

How does My China B2B PLUS?

  • 1) SETUP: with My China B2B support, the company defines the space and the type of products that will store (temperature controlled, Fresh, Frozen)

NB: The warehouse is into the Shanghai FREE TRADE ZONE. This allows that stored products to pay duties and taxation only when they have been sold!

  • 2) SEND PRODUCTS: The company sends by sea the items to be stored in the warehouse in China.
    • For products without Chinese labeling:
      • Simultaneously with the product sending, are activated for the incoming products, the procedures with the Chinese authorities for obtaining the Chinese labels.

      • Upon arrival and during storage, products labeling  with Chinese labels

NB This allows to sell immediately the products on the Chinese market (competitive advantage - Ready to Sell) and also be used in fairs / exhibitions as Chinese products, with a big reduction of costs if the same products are shipped from their own country to the same exhibition (about 800 € every 100 kg).

  • 3) MANAGEMENT: Remote monitoring of Virtual Warehouse Platform by My China B2B PLUS Tools.
    • Movement Managing of the stored goods  (in / out)
    • Transfer / transport to other Chinese locations and Asian nations (for fairs, events, sales).
    • Tours of potential buyers (Showroom) to touch the stored products before buy.
    • My China Desk support for all logistics management activities and business relationships with potential buyers / distributors
    • Storing also in other Chinese locations (as needed)

Benefits for MY CHINA PLUS customers :

  • Only one point of contact in english / chinese language for all procedures (logistics, distribution, commercial) and documentation (invoices, documents, etc. ..)
  • Cutting costs (and time) about fairs, exhibitions, workshops and tasting organization, sending samples / products in China and neighboring Asian countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea etc ...) .
  • "READY TO SELL" competitive advantage directly in China for your business
  • No tax: Stored goods Taxation only when really sold
  • Chinese Labels: Quick management for Chinese product labels
  • Simplified management of your distributors directly in China and multi / distributors with a single national stock
  • Pay per Use for your warehouse in China
  • Showroom activity for buyers product overview and tasting
  • Transparent management of all steps
  • Monitoring direct from your own country

Choose "the PLUS" more appropriate for your distribution needs in China and Asia!

For information or contact: [email protected]

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

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Apr 13

China ZTE enters Indonesia's PC tablet market

Posted by China Media LAB in ZTE , Tablet PC , PC , Mobile , Indonesia

China Media LAB

ZTE Indonesia, a subsidiary of China's ZTE Corp is entering Indonesia's tablet personal computer (PC) market by launching its ZTE Light Tab on Tuesday.

The launch was a follow-up of its success in markets of Europe, Japan and Malaysia.

"ZTE Light allows Indonesians to enjoy new experiences on entertainment and Internet access," said Susanto Susilo, director of gadget division of ZTE Indonesia.

Apr 10

Started construction Disney Theme park in Shanghai

Posted by China Media LAB in World , Travel , Theme Park , Shanghai , Disney , China

China Media LAB

Disneyland Shanghai China

Construction of the long-awaited Shanghai Disneyland theme park started on Friday, injecting new momentum into China's biggest city economy.

The move comes as the eastern financial hub's economic growth has lagged the national average in the past three years and the project is poised to give the development of the city's service industry a shot in the arm, experts said.

Apr 06

Life’s Too Short to Drink Bad Wine

Posted by China Media LAB in Wine & Spirits , SIAL , Food & Beverage , Fair , Exhibition , China

China Media LAB

Sial China Wine & Spirits 2011During SIAL China, visitors will have even less time to waste, because time flies when having good time. With more than 350 exhibitors show-casing their quality wine and spirits, professional visitors could only wish for a longer journey.

In wine there is truth. At SIAL China, here is the amazing truth. An entire hall larger than 12,000sqm is dedicated to Wine & Spirits, with more than 20% of highly intrigued professional visitors looking into this sector. A Chinese proverb says, “A thousand cups of wine do not suffice when true friends meet, but half a sentence is too much when there is not meeting of minds.” SIAL China can be classified as the international trade event of the year for like-minded buyers, distributors and professional visitors to rendezvous.

As the biggest annual Wine & Spirits event in South East Asia, it is specially “vinified” into 4 parts:

Apr 05

Fashion: Lacoste reboots ASIA image with touch of youth

Posted by China Media LAB in youth , polo shirts , Market , Lacoste L!ve shop , Fashion , China , Asia

China Media LAB

Lacoste L've

Models in bright green pants and pink polo shirts played a table soccer game at the Lacoste L!ve booth, at the Novomania International Fashion Trade Show, to introduce the company's new line of products.

It was here that Frank Cancelloni, Asia-Pacific CEO for Lacoste Fashion, announced the launch of Lacoste L!ve, for customers who are "young at heart".

Apr 04

GM in China logs on for Web campaign

Posted by China Media LAB in Youku , Web , Video , Media , Internet , GM , China , Automotive , Advertising

China Media LAB

The automaker has teamed up with to make a series of adverts fit for the online crowd

Until last year, General Motors Co's (GM) China marketers advertised the Chevy Cruze sedan with spy thriller-themed spots featuring Wentworth Miller, the star of the TV show Prison Break.

Mar 07

Shanghai Mayor reveals Disneyland project budget

Posted by China Media LAB in Travel , Shanghai , Park , Disneyland , China

China Media LAB

Disneyland Shanghai ChinaPHASE 1 of Shanghai Disneyland will cost a total of 24.5 billion yuan (US$3.73 billion), Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng said in Beijing yesterday.

"I have read some media reports about the Disneyland investment, but they were incorrect," said Han, who was attending the ongoing annual parliamentary session in Beijing.

"I thereby clarify the figure seriously. The approved investment for the first phase of the Disneyland project is 24.5 billion yuan," he said.

The long-awaited theme park project in Shanghai was launched in November last year, when the state-owned Shanghai Shendi Group Co Ltd signed a deal with the Walt Disney Co.

It will be the first Disneyland theme park on the Chinese mainland and sixth in the world, and the United States entertainment giant's third theme park in Asia after Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The Shanghai International Tourism Resort Administrative Committee will manage the project.

The first phase of the amusement park in the Pudong New Area is expected to attract 7.3 million visitors a year when it opens in 2015.

Shanghai Disneyland will feature three theme parks - "Magic Kingdom," which has already been announced, and possibly "Epcot" and "Animal Kingdom."

A draft plan unveiled by the Disney company showed water to be a major feature of the park with numerous lakes and creeks and a castle and a mountain.

Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, has described the park as the "most exciting opportunity since Walt first bought land in Florida in 1964."

The Shanghai government regards the Disney Park project as an important step in its bid to build the city into a world-class tourist destination in the next five years.

The city government recently announced plans to build a dedicated Disneyland Metro line. The subway service will have three stops including a terminal station called the Disneyland Stop.

The first phase of the park will cover about 1.16 square kilometers while service facilities such as parking lots and dining areas will occupy up to 2.74 square kilometers. Construction could begin as early as May while work on roads surrounding the site has been ongoing for months.

About 2,000 households and 297 enterprises have been relocated from the site to make way for the park.

Mar 04

Shanghai Expo 2010 expected to be in black: organizers

Posted by China Media LAB in Expo Shanghai , China

China Media LAB

Shanghai ExpoThe organizers of Expo 2010 Shanghai China are confident the multi-billion-yuan attraction will turn a profit, even though the final numbers have not yet been audited and announced.

"According to our preliminary data, we're sure that we've made both ends meet and it is very likely that we have made a profit," said Hong Hao, director-general of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination.

Hong said during an exclusive interview with China Daily on Thursday that confirmation of the numbers rests with the National Audit Office and the bottom line may not be made public until May.

Jan 10

Shanghai: New Expo center to be built

Posted by China Media LAB in Shanghai , Hongqiao , Fair , Expo Center , Exibition

China Media LAB

SHANGHAI Municipal Government and China's Ministry of Commerce signed an agreement yesterday to build a new exhibition hub in Hongqiao area as part of the city's plan to become the world's leading international trading center.

The project will take up an area of 1.04 square kilometers, consisting of exhibition halls, logistics facilities and other amenities. Shanghai Expo Group and the government-backed China Foreign Trade Center have agreed to set up a joint venture as the major investor.

The project will cover domestic and overseas trading, imports and exports, and the exchange of goods and services.

"Exhibitions are crucial to trading," said Sha Hailin, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Municipal Government, "Development of the exhibition industry will significantly contribute to economic growth."

"The actual capability of the city is not fully realized due to limited exhibition areas," Sha said.

He predicted that Shanghai's exhibition industry will grow by 15 to 20 percent in the next few years.

Shanghai's Hongqiao commercial area, covering 26.3 square kilometers in west shanghai, is on the metro line and is home to an international airport and a railway station which were designed to handle 1.1 million to 1.4 million passengers every day, making it an ideal location for an exhibition center.

Nov 13

Chinese Online tour companies see growing market

Posted by China Media LAB in Travel , Internet , Destination , China , Agency

China Media LAB

Online tour companies see growing market

To catch a glimpse of the mystical northern lights, ride scooters across snowy forests, or catch a 15-kg king crab from the cold sea, is a privilege that is being enjoyed by more and more wealthy Chinese.

The "Chasing Northern Lights" voyage in Norway is among the various European travel packages promoted by Chinese travel websites as well-off Chinese people's enthusiasm for traveling to Europe rises.

The nation's major online travel booking companies, such as Nasdaq-listed and, have seen their revenue from European travel products at least double this year, compared with the same period in 2009.

"I never imagined such a big surge in travel to Europe this year," said Zhang Xiaojun, assistant general manager of Beijing Ctrip International Travel Agency.

Nov 09

Broadcaster gets record amount for adverts

Posted by China Media LAB in Tv , Investments , China , CCTV , Auction , Advertising

China Media LAB

TV ADV ChinaCHINA Central Television auctioned off its 2011 advertising spots last night for a record 12.67 billion yuan (US$1.9 billion), up 15 percent from a year ago.

Industry confidence among advertisers pushed up the average price for CCTV ad space, said He Haiming, deputy head of CCTV's ad division, without revealing specific figures.

Shenzhen-listed Wuliangye Yibin Co, a major domestic distiller, outbid Shanghai-listed rival Kweichow Moutai Co as a nine-month sponsor of the clock that appears just prior to the 7pm CCTV newscast. It paid 405 million yuan - the highest price paid for an ad space at the auction - as the nightly newscast is one of the country's most watched programs.

Domestic distillers spent 1.9 billion yuan on ad purchases this year. Chinese Jing Wine, Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao ranked in the top three in almost every round of bidding.

The companies spent a combined 1.16 billion yuan on ad space.

"Distillers usually attach great importance to building their brands, and they will continue to flex their muscles in the future," He said.

Sep 17

China Online food sales on the up

Posted by China Media LAB in Wine , Mooncake , Food , electronic device , E-commerce , Cosmetics , Clothes , Cina , China , Alimentare

China Media LAB

Sector gets seasonal shot in arm as customers snap up mooncakes

With growing sales online, food may well be the next hot commodity in China's e-commerce market.

Sep 01

In China ID now needed to get a cell phone number

Posted by China Media LAB in Unicom , SIM , New Mobile , Mobile , MIIT , ID Card , China Mobile , China , 3G

China Media LAB

Policy aimed at cracking down on spam scourge

Mobile phone customers will have to present ID when purchasing a phone number from Wednesday, in the latest campaign by the government to curb the global scourge of spam, pornographic messages and fraud on cellular phones.

Foreigners will also need to register with their passports or other ID in order to subscribe to mobile phone carriers.

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